Discover the underwater magic

Amancay Freediving is the first SSI Freediving Center in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, located in the vibrant town of Playa del Carmen. We offer freediving courses for all levels, focusing on our students’ actual needs and progress. We will combine our high standards of courses, personalized approach, and passion to help you have the experience of a lifetime!


Let the water be your guide



Discover the peace of a breath hold. Learn techniques that will take you beyond anything you believed being capable of, from Discover Freediving to Freediving Instructor course level. Join us and discover your potential!


Explore the secrets of the Riviera Maya from a different perspective! We enjoy some of the most beautiful and naturally diverse places to go freediving. Crystal clear Cenotes, the second largest Coral Reef in the world, Whale Sharks,Mantas, Bull Sharks, Sailfish. Make your visit unforgettable!


Breathe beneath the surface! Get amazed by the underwater world in one the best diving areas on the planet! We offer dives for all levels from shallow reefs for beginners to amazing Caverns for more advanced Divers!


Take a leap of faith

We are a family business created with lots of love, passion, and professionalism.
Hi! I’m Lucrecia.  I’m the founder of Amancay Freediving. For all my life I’ve been in love with the water in every single aspect. I became a Scuba Instructor in 2009, and discovered how much I enjoyed connecting people with the water. During my journey, I came across freediving in the search to be able to hold my breath for a little bit longer while I snorkeled. No one told me how addictive it could be! I completely fell in love and found a new way to help people engage with the water. I created Amancay Freediving with the objective of having a space where people could connect with the water, grow and discover themselves through it, dedicated to everyone who is drawn to the water.  From beginners to professionals, the water always has something to teach us. Amancay is here to be that bridge.
I’m Candelaria , Lucrecia’s sister, right hand and Instructor in Amancay Freediving. I’ve been a scuba diver for a long time and even though it’s something I love, it never held my attention as Freediving does. Lucre introduced me to Freediving as well as scuba. Our mom did scuba too. Lucre has been my instructor since then in scuba diving, freediving and life. Did she mention she is a mermaid and no one knows?
I fell in love with freediving since I first tried it. I have no doubt about that. It opened a whole new world, not only outside but inside.

I feel freediving is the best way to create a bond between water and people, relaxation and people and between you and… yourself.
Amancay Freediving brings us the perfect space to discover these underwater world. Run by two sisters and friends, in love with the water and looking for the same. Take you to freedive and fall in love! At the end of the day, that’s the favorite part of our job. See people smiling, mind blown and understanding what freediving is about!
Amancay Freediving Center is in the heart of Playa del Carmen, only 1 block away from the popular 5th Av. and 2 blocks from our turquoise sea, surrounded by Hostels and Hotels for all choices.
We have a cute little shop where we greet you and run our theory classes. We offer a wide range of freediving and snorkeling gear for clients to purchase.