We have the luck to be based on one of most beautiful places in the world.
The Riviera Maya has countless options for everyone to create their perfect vacation. We are surrounded of history in and out of the water! The beauty of the turquoise water and crystal clear Cenotes make your vacation be magical!



The Hostal MX Playa del Carmen enjoys an unbeatable location, in the heart of the 5th avenue of this Caribbean city. Beautiful building in rustic style has an abundant vegetation. It is a lodging center where the exotic and the vivid colors of the Mexican blend.
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Aloha Paddle Club is Playa del Carmen’s number one spot for paddle board rentals, tours and instruction right on the beach! SUP is for everyone! Enjoy the turquoise water of the Caribbean and amazing sunsets!

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Private Yoga Lessons!

With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle—and on your time. Our expert teachers will craft classes that meet your personal needs.

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Vanity Tours – Deep Down Media

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Janzu Water Massage

Looking for some deeper relaxation during your vacation? Connecting with your inner self in the fresh waters of the beautiful Lagoon Kaan Luum. Surrounded by stunning nature in this magical place you will receive a spa treatment you never experienced before. Janzu is a healing meditation whereby the therapist moves you in the water to allow access to a state of being.

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Sian Ka´an Natural Biosphere!

A sublime area of natural beauty, Sian Ka’an is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna Sian Ka’an which in Spanish means “Gift from Heaven” is a protected natural area in the state of Quintana Roo, Sian Kaan is the place for those who wish to live an extreme adventure deeper into the dense vegetation of the area, sea and lagoon

Skydiving Playa del Carmen!

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Kiteboard Classes

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Great wind, great weather and beautiful views!
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General Information

Originally the Riviera Maya region was an important trade and religious hub for the ancient Mayas between 1000-1550 AD. You can still see the remnants of this prosperous era at the ruins of Tulum and the towns of Playa del Carmen, Coba,

Puerto Morelos, Akumal,and Chemuyil This prosperity waned after many wars and invasions before the Spaniards’ arrival. After their arrival, the colonial government didn’t see any economic need to develop the area. Lucky for us, the inadequate roads discouraged development of the area.

Riviera Maya slowly developed into a vacation destination with the popularity of Cozumel. Initially, people only came here to catch the ferry to the beautiful island, but they were quick to discover the natural beauty of the gateway to Cozumel.

Today, this splendid coastline of the far eastern Yucatan peninsula is a living museum to Mexico’s cultural and natural heritage. Hundreds of kilometers of sugary shoreline boarder the quaint villages and vibrant reefs that make the Riviera Maya region a laid-back vacation destination. Divers are drawn to The Great Maya Reef which is the world’s second largest reef system. Would-be spelunkers discover its underground river system complete with caves and cenotes. Nature lovers venture to the Biosphere Reserve. While the Indian Jones in us all explores the hundreds of magnificent archaeological sites of the Mayas.


The Cenotes have become one of the biggest attraction for divers, due to them being unique in the world
Millions of years ago, the Yucatan Peninsula was a huge reef covered by the ocean water. It looked very similar to what we see when we are diving off of the coast here today – lots of coral reef, coral caves, coral swim and marine life.
During the last ice age, the level of the ocean dropped, exposing the reef to the climate and time. The coral died and the jungle started growing over the thick limestone platform created by the coral reef. Fossils found inland are the best proof of this and are commonly seen during a cavern dive.

In time, the rain mixed with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, forming a weak solution called carbonic acid. The carbonic acid began to work its way through the porous limestone, carving holes in the soft limestone and creating a long network of passageways and tunnels.
The dissolved limestone started filtering and dripping into dry passages over thousands of years, forming amazing cave decorations of stalactites, stalagmites and columns.
After the last ice age, the melting ice raised the ocean back to today’s current level, submerging the cave systems in water. Caves with ceilings higher than sea level were partially flooded, leaving some remaining air space.
Some of the partially air filled cave ceilings became too thin to hold their own weight, collapsing and creating sink holes or natural windows as entrances to the underground river system.
Cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization and to this day are considered sacred by the Mayan people. The Mayans believe cenotes to be an entrance to their “underworld” where their gods live and their spirits reside after death. The Mayans first called these sinkholes “Dznot” or sacred well. The word had been changed into “cenote” by the Spanish conquerors.
Few places are as perfect as the Riviera Maya for freediving !
* Visibility – For open-ocean dives off the Riviera Maya, visibility can range from 12 metres/40 feet in the winter to 27 metres/90 feet in the summer.
Visibility in the cenotes and caverns is only limited by the quality of your vision.
* Water Temperature – Water temperatures average 25-28°C/77-82°F in winter and 27-29°C/81-85°F in summer. The temperature in the cenotes is a little cooler.
* Weather – Air temperatures range from 18-32°C/65-90°F. The rainy season is from May through October and the dry season is November through April. May and June have the highest humidity
* Language – Spanish, though English is widely spoken in tourist areas.
* Currency – Mexican Pesos (USD accepted). Credit cards are widely accepted in tourist areas.
* Major Airports – Cancún International Airport